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We are so glad you found us. Here at Frenchie Kisses Kennel you will not find "a breeder." You will find that Frenchie Kisses Kennel is a "breeding service."  We are the most unique French Bulldog Breeders in Washington and possibly in the Pacific Northwest. We maintain a small Hobby program and breed for quality, rather than quantity. This ensures that you get a puppy that is healthy, beautiful, and has a great temperament.

Frenchie Kisses Kennel is located in the hills above Lyle, Washington (Across the Columbia River from The Dalles Oregon). We are on the Columbia River Gorge about 80 miles from Portland, Oregon. It is very convenient being close to Portland, Oregon because it makes for a nice day trip for our adoptive families in the Portland area to visit their puppy regularly as it grows.  Since My son and Daughter In Law work at home we are able to spend time both indoors and outdoors with all of the animals. However, French Bulldogs are more suited for indoor living as opposed to outdoors. We do like to bring them out when the weather is moderate.


At Frenchie Kisses Kennel we keep a close watch on the dogs as we wander about and if they seem a bit tired we simply return them to our air conditioned (or heated in the winter) home. Luckily the weather here in Washington State does not have horrible extremes so air conditioning and a good wood stove keeps their life very comfortable.  French Bulldogs overheat easily because of their overly large chest and compacted air way, along with their insistence on being active. Their bulk and being Brachycephalic makes it impossible for them to regulate their temperature efficiently. In addition, Frenchies are top heavy and therefore have a difficult time swimming. We are very cautious when exercising them during hot or humid weather, and at times must insist they take a break. Though they tend to love the water, they must not be left alone in water as they may not be able to get out after exhausting themselves trying to swim. French Bulldogs are known as non swimmers.  That's not to say that they are dogs of little brain. It's more like their "can do," can't keep up with their "want to." They tend to be very strong willed and determined to do things even if their body says no.


We love that the dogs want to be with us, very close by when we are walking around on the property. Washington is Cougar country and we would not want them to wander far so we do keep a close watch on them when we have them out. They all tend to get along with the cats and we are working hard to convince them that all animals are our friends. Since the Frenchies are so rambunctious it is hard to convince all of our pets that they are sweet, friendly dogs. I have my mind set that all my pets are going to get along and I am hoping that my will is stronger than a Bulldog! The puppies are exposed to the cats at a young age to instill a respect for other animals. Our cats are everywhere we now have five the puppies can have access to. We also have volunteer feral cats, that we are pretty sure come from a catch and release program in our area as they just appear with ears notched and previously spayed or neutered. The puppies only meet one of them He has become an outside pet only (does not like to be confined) kitty and occasionally comes to the door to see what is going on. He is friendly with the dogs and puppies.Three of our cats are both indoors and outdoors so the puppies learn early on that cats are their friends. We now have three Chickens that wander the property during the day.We hope to also use them to condition the puppies to being comfortable with birds.

Being  Hobby Breeders does allow us more time to handle and cuddle our babies daily. This makes for very sweet  gentle puppies as they mature.  We are also able to care for them individually if they become sick and give them excellent medical attention. We have a wonderful vet who has taught us how to do much of the necessary medical care at home since we are 45 minutes from any Veterinarian. Sometimes without the training he has provided us we would lose puppies due to no access to immediate care. We can and do give mouth to mouth resuscitation if needed. We will do anything necessary to save a puppy or dog. We love them for the wonderful little family additions that they are.

_edited.jpg We offer pre-obedience training packages to get our puppies prepared for more advanced obedience training as they progress and become old and mature enough to grasp the concept. This provides them the right mind set to become top performers and excellent companion pets.

We now offer training packages for our puppies:

  • Child Tolerance

  • House Training

  • Early stimuli and socialization

  • Pre-obedience training

  • Gentle touch companion 

This category is for Elderly, Disabled, Handicapped. Early stage service dog Pre-training. It includes all the above categories.​

Presently I am working at Petco as a dog trainer. Customer's Adopting a puppy from me will now be encouraged to continue their puppies training with Petco. Locally that would mean I could continue where I left off with them as tiny babies if the customer had me do the pre-training.

118673815_34070525626750 Frenchie Kissess Kennel is more than just a place to buy a puppy, it is my dream. My ambition in life is to Help animals and the people that love them. It is a labor of love for both french Bulldogs and my Customers. I go the extra mile to create the puppy my customer is hoping for.07_4681052857258239831_n.jpg
20431375_149101780427850 Ethical Responsible French Bulldog Breeder.2_6811246251323848501_n.jpg
225357555_4359749260738661_1191165294656432222_n.jpg I am Colleen, business owner and dog trainer. Due the the Covid Pandemic I was forced to take a job so I chose dog trainin. Our breeding program is now a hobby so we are not producing as many puppies as we once did as demand is lower but the ones we produce are gorgeous and healthy.
397480_491641300882829_2067375340_n.jpg  At Frenchie Kisses Kennel we believe that early interaction is key to future training. Frenchies thrive on attention. We start with Sensory stimulation at birth and begin training Boot camp at 3.5 weeks of age continuing until the puppies go to their forever home.
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