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Megan and Lu Lu

Brianna and Chloe

Helena, Montana

Jodi and Emmett

Vancouver, Washington

Melissa & Scott Rae

with Tater & Kona

Portland, Oregon

Erica, Elaina, Aiden and Murphy

Vancouver, Washington

Where are they now?


Here at Frenchie Kisses Kennel we are very proud of the fact that we know where are puppies are and that they are happy. We stay in touch with our Puppy families. Many of them are in touch with me weekly if not daily. We have a few that I hear from seldom which bothers me but at least they do stay in touch. Here are a few recent pics...


Racheal, Christopher and Jackson

Carrie and Walter

Renton, Washington

Kenna and Emmett

Vancouver, Washington

RJ and Louie

Silverdale, Washington

Amber Behrends, Shon Yokley and Waffles

Lacey, Washington

(Badgercrest Kennel)

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