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Jacob & Stephanie DuQuette 

(Morty was placed 10-13-10)


My wife, Stephanie, found Colleen via the Internet while looking for a reputable and safe breeder of  French Bulldogs. What originally drew us to Colleen were a few things; first of all, we were incredibly impressed with her application process, which consisted of 2-3 pages of questions and asked for contacts in which she personally called each contact that we listed. Colleen honestly does care about where her puppies go, their forever home. We were also attracted by the low prices in which Colleen was offering her puppies; when most people were charging $3,000+, Colleen was asking much less. The third thing that attracted us to Colleen was the fact that she did not run what would be considered a "puppy mill" which was important to us. We wanted healthy mothers and a puppy that received more, rather than less, human interaction. Most puppy mills consist of mothers who give birth every heat no matter what the circumstances; this is not very healthy. This also allows Colleen to provide a higher level of interaction with each puppy than one would get in a puppy mill, or with most other breeders. The number 1 thing about Colleen that will keep us referring others to her is the personal relationship that she establishes with each buyer. This is our first Frenchie and we honestly write or talk to Colleen on almost a daily basis. She provides pictures and updates often and is always incredibly responsive to our questions or concerns.


Our next Frenchie will be purchased from Colleen of  Frenchie Kisses and anyone who asks for a reputable breeder will be directed to Colleen as well.


Best Regards,

Jacob and Stephanie DuQuette

Caitlin Veverka  

(Pearl was placed 4-9-2011)

If you're really thinking about getting a Frenchie, I can 100% say Frenchie Kisses is the place to go. 

I recently adopted "Pearl" this year and can not say enough positive things about the dog, the breeder and the overall experience.  Pearl is/was my first dog since I was a kid and to be honest, I was a little nervous about taking on this responsibility.  However, even before the pups were "in the making", Colleen was sharing her network of other Frenchie owners, her amazing dog advice and even the latest news articles and discussions among Frenchie owners & vets.  Her openness and wealth of information made it easy to educate myself on the breed and how to become a good puppy owner.

Once I knew I was on the list & potentially getting a puppy, Colleen kept me up to date throughout the entire process.  I learned more than I thought possible but it made me feel like I had a puppy long before Pearl was born (in a great way).  THEN, once Pearl was born - Colleen would send pictures, updates, videos and any amount of info about Pearl that I asked for -- which really made me feel like this pup was a part of my family from the first day.   Pick-up day was also a pleasant experience - Colleen and her husband were willing to drive 4 hours round trip to meet me and bring Pearl to her forever home!

Now that I've had Pearl for a while, I can say she is an excellent and well adjusted dog.  She quickly adapted to me as her "mom", to other dogs and playmates, and even arrived potty trained and knowing basic commands (sit).  Colleen truly raises her pups to be family members and it shows in Pearl's sunny disposition, comical attitude and goofy curiosity.  She's a cuddle bug who can't be close enough to you & I just absolutely love her.   

Huge thanks to Colleen for helping make this new addition to my family go so smoothly -- she's the best!

Trevor & Jane Goodloe


Hello Colleen,


Frankie is doing just fine. He only weighs 19 pounds. Quirky doesn't begin to describe him Lol!!! He is a spunky little ball of awesomeness. He is ALWAYS the smallest dog in the pack/dog park, but often he is the one who is dominant. He is a notorious ball thief. He hasn't mastered "catch", but he is a master of "keep away", especially when he has stolen another dog's ball or toy.

The other day he stole a frisbee from a full grown boxer. He had it in his mouth and was running down this hill as fast as he possibly could. Unfortunately, the frisbee was far too big and awkward for him to carry. He kept catching his front legs on it and started rolling down the hill. EVERYBODY who was watching was laughing uncontrollably. Frank wasn't sure why they were laughing but he loved the attention. He is quite the ham.

He is also excellent with our nieces and nephews. They freak out whenever they see him. They follow him all over the house and constantly want to touch and play with him. Frankie loves the attention. He has never growled or snapped at any of them. We keep a close eye and make sure the kids aren't overstepping their boundaries, but Frank is so easy going it makes my job as "dog-police" incredibly easy.

In short Frank is a dream dog. He was the perfect fit for us in every way. He has fairly low energy levels, he is wonderful and friendly with children, adults, and other dogs, and he is so freakin cute that people pull over and get out of their cars to pet him. He is a wonderful member of our family. I truly believe that Frank is the single greatest dog on the face of the earth.

Thanks again,
Trevor & Jane


Amanda Apperson


Not only do the puppies that come from Frenchie Kisses come out so super adorable, they are actually perfect.  The care and love that are provided for the puppies by the Del Bane family is hands down the best you can find.  They help train and prepare your puppy for a nice transition and Colleen has an endless supply of great information to prepare you for your new family member.  Their breeding program is unlike any I have dealt with before and once you get your puppy you will feel the same!

Amanda Apperson

TJ & Erika George

(This was part of a Chrimas letter so it sounds a bit out of the blue)


I bet you've been wondering who the heck is Gustavo??  Well if you have been on Facebook in the last six months you should know that we adopted the best, most adorable french bulldog puppy, Gustavo, or as we've been calling him more and more, "Goose".  The silly Goose has brought so much joy and excitement into our lives, everyday he makes us laugh out loud.  We adopted him from an amazing breeder, Frenchie Kisses Kennel who gave so much of their time and consideration from the day he was born to the day we brought him home, we felt like he was our baby.  He is a happy, healthy, chunker of a Frenchie and we love him to bits.

TJ and Erika

Kevin & Sara Hughes


(Adele was placed 5-29-2012)


If you are here because you are considering a Frenchie Kisses Kennel pup, the search ends here. Trust us; this amazing family and their small breeding program are the best of the best. If you are here because you are just perusing the site and already own a Frenchie Kisses baby, then you know what we are talking about!


Becoming a part of this Frenchie family was the best decision we ever made. Colleen and Mike are not your average breeders; they are so much more than that. They are there for you day and night, any time you have questions or need help. When we were looking for a reputable French Bulldog breeder, we were very strict about what we were looking for. We didn’t just want to bring home any ol’ pup, and never have contact with the breeder again. We wanted a healthy, happy pup and to become part of a family, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Frenchie Kisses Kennel. The love, compassion, and knowledge that Colleen and Mike have for their Frenchies and their babies are hard to find elsewhere. They will be with you from day 1 answering any questions, soothing any concerns, and even inviting you into their home to meet the entire Frenchie clan.


As soon as we found Frenchie Kisses, we knew they were the one. We have talked to Colleen and Mike at least once a week since even before we got Adele over 2 years ago. They have the funniest, sweetest and goofiest personalities that can also be seen in their adult Frenchies and puppies. We might be biased, but we think Adele is the prettiest Frenchie we have ever seen! Her temperament is amazing and she even came to us almost fully potty trained which was truly awesome.


We could literally go on forever. There are so many great things to say about this family and their dogs; the list is endless. We live in North Carolina and flew all the way out to Portland (Frenchie Kisses doesn’t ship their Frenchies, which we love) to get our baby. It was 100% worth it. We still talk to Colleen and Mike almost daily and are so grateful that they have accepted us as a part of their huge Frenchie family.


If you would like to contact us to hear directly from a Frenchie Kisses customer (Although we hate to call it that, because we are much more considered family members than customers), please do not hesitate to reach out to Colleen for our e-mail address. Also, please feel free to contact us on Instagram: @adelethefrenchie. We would be happy to answer any of your questions!


Thank you, Colleen & Mike. We love you!

                                                                 Stella was placed 10/4/2015

Hi Colleen,                                          


I just want to let you know how much I respect how ethically you handle breeding.


I imagine it must be difficult to handle the overwhelming amount of people who simply want their puppy immediately.


It is disgusting and truly criminal how some breeders handle their dogs as a commodity and is incredibly sad that some people expect you to pump out puppies / do not even consider how the breeding process works. Some of these people likely do not understand the responsibility they are undertaking when adopting an animal if they can not understand that they must be patient for a relatively short period of time for the good of other animals.


One of the main reasons we love Frenchie Kisses is because of the great community and the obvious love that both the puppies and all your other dogs get. We are certainly staying on board and I am happy to wait for a healthy beautiful puppy instead of one that was milled.


You rock, I wish there was only breeders like you!


Thank you,






-Frank Mueller

                                                            Gypsy was placed 10/4/2015


I can't thank you enough for my sweet Gypsy! She is everything I hoped for and more. My timid german Shepard mix and her have already napped together on the dog bed.. Lexie ran from her at first, but eventually gave in and laid next to her after gypsy fell asleep first. She is playful, but not rough so far.. Just so sweet. She's won over Michelle and seeing Michelle dote on her makes me love Michelle even more. She slept across ben when I nursed him to sleep and he's so thrilled to have her, smothers her in kisses and laughs when she kissed him back. I'm so grateful for all that she will teach our family as we take care of her together and glad Lexie is coming around faster than Id imagined. Thank you so much for helping create the perfect addition to our family, for cleaning up all of her diarreah , and for taking such good care of her when she was sick. She's a dream come true.


Sarah Wolfe

Frenchie Kisses Kennel has beyond impressed me. I have already referred several people to them based on their level of care. We were able to choose and name Tater Tot right after her birth and send a blankie with our scent on it so she could familiarize herself with us. When I got to visit my puppy at 2 ½ weeks, she recognized me by my scent and wanted to be with me immediately. When I visited her at 4 weeks, she responded to me calling her name and came right to me. Visiting her was such a joy, and getting to meet her siblings, parents, and housemates was so much fun. Colleen and Mike were so gracious in letting us stop by several times as Tater was growing up. When she was 8 weeks old, I went to pick her up. I was expecting it to be traumatic for her to leave her home thus far and the other pups, but because of the groundwork that Frenchie Kisses laid, she not only knew me, but wanted to be with me. It was such an easy and exciting transition. Even after bringing Tater Tot home, Frenchie Kisses stays a part of a supportive community. Other puppy owners and potential owners post on the blog and are able to ask questions, help each other, encourage each other, share photos, and keep up to date on new nutrition, toys, tips, and medical care. Tater Tot has an incredible temperament. She loves people of all ages and every dog she’s met. She is happy, silly, and constantly entertaining. I highly recommend Frenchie Kisses Kennel. If you need any more confirmation of their quality, come meet Tater Tot. You will fall in love with her immediately.



-Scott & Melissa Rae

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