Our Recommended Dog Food

Diamond Naturals


Over the years we have discovered that many dog foods just don't work for French Bulldogs and more expensive does not necessarily mean it will be better for your French Bulldog. The French Bulldog has a very sensitive digestive tract and some are very allergic to Chicken Kibble regardless of whether it is whole Chicken (even Huma grade) It seems something in the process of making it  to kibble causes a funky reaction.  I can cook Chicken and have no issues, but kibble is different.  We tried Science Diet (not good) , Taste of the wild (not good) Blue Buffalo (not good) Beneful (Very bad) Purina (not good) Life's Abundance  (Excellent but quite expensive and can only be purchased online. In the winter it cannot be delivered due to snow in our area). Then we finally tried Diamond Naturals after comparing ingredients to Life's Abundance. It has been really good as far as none of the dogs are allergic to it at all. with 10 adult Frenchies that alone is quite a good selling point. The only issue I can see as undesirable is it does produce gas but that is just a Frenchie thing. I have heard from some of my customers that Fromm cuts back the Gass issue if anyone is highly bothered by their "clear the romm" capabilities.

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