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Our Procedures

Most breeders are afraid to tell you how they do what they do because there is so much controversy about procedures out there. Well, at Frenchie Kisses Kennel we want you to know how we do what we do. We don't expect everyone to agree. If you have strong feelings that we are wrong, I apologize. Frenchie Kisses Kennel  has the best interest of our dams, sires and puppies, as well as our customers in mind. We want to be able to present our customers with healthy, happy puppies.


We live in the hills of Southern Washington where we raise our beautiful French bulldogs in our home. From day one our puppies are handled and loved. We assist each whelping, the Dam is never left alone once we suspect whelping is beginning. We check puppies for formation and respiration immediately to ensure that they are perfectly formed and breathing freely. If necessary, we have an incubator standing by to keep them warm and dry if the Dam is birthing another pup or is not immediately caring for the puppy. We have fresh receiving blankets handy in a warmer to place the puppy in as soon as we cut/shred the Umbilical cord. (Shredding the Umbilical cord with your clean fingernails mimics how the mother chews it.) We do allow the mother to do this if she is willing. Occasionally you will have a dog that is just not into it and you must assist. French Bulldogs are rather a strange breed as they seem to want you to do it for them.


The puppies are each weighed, and their weight and time of birth is recorded. I give them a birth name when they are born so that each puppy is recorded correctly. We may or may not change the name later. For about the first week the puppies are kept close by and monitored. French Bulldogs are very heavy and have been known to lay on their puppies and they can be smothered and die. We begin worming  the mother 2 weeks before birth, 2 days after birth and two weeks after that. We orally deworm the puppies individually at 3 weeks and every two weeks after that as long as they remain with us. They must receive vaccinations at 8 weeks, but since breeder administered vaccinations are no longer respected by Vets, you must have the 8 week vaccination done at your well puppy check within 5 days of pick up. They are usually in their forever homes by 8  weeks and vaccination is then the responsibility of their new family. At 7 weeks of age we take them to the vet for their well puppy check. If everything checks out okay we then will release them to their new family the next week. If for any reason you had chosen a puppy that was found to have a condition we would inform you of the condition and let you decide if it was acceptable. If not, any deposit you might have paid would then be refunded to you.


We prefer not to ship our puppies alone. For a bit more, usually less than $100.00, it is possible to fly to the Portland Airport where we will meet you with your new puppy. South Western Airlines allows you to take your puppy as a carry on as do many of the airlines. We feel it is much better for a puppy to not be shipped alone at such a young age.


All of our puppies are reserved within two days of birth. If you are interested in being placed on our waiting list please contact Colleen at to go through the process.

Caitlin and I fighting over Pearl. Notice I had to pull from the end that poops!

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