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We have set up 5 new training programs to do for your puppies before they go home. My longer range plan is to demonstrate the techniques on video for purchase as well. I will also make training videos using my puppies as they grow so that you will not see an already trained dog performing but see a young puppy actually learning it. Eventually I intend to write a training book. The programs we will be offering are as follows:

*Child Tolerance- $50.00 Keali and Keanu will get your puppy ready for playing nicely with your children. They have been taught to be gentle from the time they could sit up. Keali LOVES the puppies! Keanu loves them too but is not obsessed like Keali. Keali would sleep in the crate with the dogs if we let him. They will be happy to hold cuddle and play with your puppy, under the close supervision of yours truly! The boys will be getting the money for the training but they will be learning how to save money with it. Half has to go to the bank.

*House training-$200.00  I will be doing the house training along with the help of my "Eeeeuuuuwww Team" Keanu and Keali.  They like to find and identify accidents and come yelling eeeeuuuuuww! I will be pad training all of the puppies. I will not risk outside before they have gotten all of their shots because we have neighbors up here that let their dogs roam free and people also tend to dump dogs out here. Twice we had sick ones just appear here at our house. Anyway If you choose to have me do the house training program your puppy will have more free reign of the house therefore more child exposure as well.

Socialization/Early Stimuli: 150.00 Paige and I do most of this training together

While we do not do socialization to outdoors or general public situations. Socialization is also learning to tolerate household noises and being handled, bathed (As temperatures permit), groomed,nails trimmed and having a toothbrush in their mouth. They get 2-3 full body massages per day including having their ears, face,inside the mouth, head, shoulders, feet and toes touched and played with, then turn them over and again the head, chest, front legs & feet, tummy, back legs and feet. This is repeated twice, two - three times daily.  While doing these massages I will be checking them daily for any development of deformity, itchy skin,  Pyoderma, Puppy Acne or any other issues.In our family All Eyes will be on your puppy to make sure it gets the best training we can give it is the 8 weeks we have it. Until the puppies are reserved they all will receive this treatment. It will continue for paying customers after placement day. 


*Pre-Obedience Training- $150.00   I and/or my son Michael will be teaching the most important 4 basic commands: 

  • Sit

  • Stay

  • Come

  • Down

A dog that knows these commands and follows them without fail is a safer dog. For instance you see your dog running toward oncoming traffic you can give whatever the appropriate command is and avoid your dog being hit by a car. If your puppy escapes from you you will be able to call it back. The sooner they learn what these commands mean, the better. 

I teach two more commands for other important reasons.

  • Rollover- so that they get used to being on their back. This is so helpful if they ever require x-rays (which I hope you will get before they turn 2 years old to discover any genetic defects before your 2 year guarantee is over.)

Give Kisses- When puppies reach about 12 weeks they start cutting teeth and nipping in play. Their teeth are needle sharp and quite unpleasant. Most people call this biting. for them this is play. Biting is with intent to injure or kill. I teach give kisses to lead into "no! give kisses." when the nipping stage begins. It is a perfect way to teach them not to "bite". No biting or don't bite are ineffective commands, there is no reward in that. You are not going to reward a dog if it isn't biting but if it "gives kisses" it gets a reward and in the future will give kisses instead of biting. 

*Gentle Touch $300.00-

This will include everything in all the other packages plus much more. It is specifically designed for elderly, disabled, handicapped or people who need a support dog. They will be taught to wait quietly to be invited up and then to come up gently. They will be taught to sit quietly on the couch beside us. We will be super diligent about house training as this is a real issue for people with special needs. I wish I had a wheelchair for training them too but that is an expensive item to buy for just training puppies. We had one buyer in the past that was wheelchair bound and she loved that her puppy did not bark at her wheelchair. She came to visit several times and we got the puppy used to it before she took him home. In this category we can do reasonable requests.


I will need to know when you choose your puppy if you want training. The charge for training is due at the same time as your deposit. If because of illness we are unable to train your puppy I will return the training payment. Please do keep in mind that not all puppies learn at the same pace. Some will catch on very quickly and some may not learn as quickly. Your continuance of the training is essential to the outcome. Training is never over. We did this a few years ago but circumstances did not allow us to continue. The results were amazing! These puppies are so teachable. The puppies we trained went on to be the rock stars of puppy obedience classes. Their owners were so proud.We had one that we did "Gentle Touch" training on and she ended up being the sweetest most gentle little thing. 



Results of our Early Stimuli/Socialization program. Sunny really enjoyed his back and tummy massage. This guy was OUT! I walked around for 10 minutes with him like that talking to my family and he didn't wake up. His family chose the Gentle touch Training package That gives him everything we offer. He is going to be one great dog.

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