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We are here for you and your puppy too.

At Frenchie Kisses Kennel we are proud of our puppies and endeavor to start their life with us with their health and happiness as top priority. However Just as important to us are our new families. We want you to take the time to really know that you are in the best hands possible. We are not fancy or pretentious. You will not find us living in a brand new house walking around in white gloves searching for dust. Often we will be cleaning up after puppies and dogs, feeding and watering, giving vaccinations, giving baths, hand feeding puppies (at times), taking them for checkups, deworming, giving medications, staying up all night making sure they are doing okay or cuddling them on the couch. Yes, it is a tremendous amount of work but it does not keep us from taking your calls, answering your emails or chatting with you on facebook or our private network. We also encourage you to visit your puppy so that you can get to know us better and bond with your baby. We prefer afternoon visits if possible because that is when things have slowed down for the day but if that doesn't work for you anytime after 9 am is usually fine for me. If you are getting a puppy from my mother she likes visits to start at noon. She is older and just needs a little more time to be ready for visitors.

If once you take the puppy home you ever have a problem, a question or just want to talk we welcome your calls. We love hearing how the puppies are doing in their new family. If it is an emergency don't worry that you will wake us, chances are we are awake. Mom and I are almost always up very late and up and down all night if a puppy so much as squeaks. There have been times we have slept in cat naps for a week or more because we had sick puppies that needed to eat each 30 minutes. If you ever visit after one of these sessions expect to meet a ghost ( a nice ghost, but definitely pale and haggard.) Being a breeder is not all puppy kisses and cuddles. At times it is grueling and heartbreaking. At those times we relish those calls because sometimes your voice is the sweetest thing we could hear, just knowing someone out there appreciates what we do and was thinking of us really keeps us going. This is why we know our being here for you is so important. Puppy issues do not end when they leave us they just transfer to new hands so we know you will have days when you need our support. Personally I don't even mind when a total stranger calls me with a Frenchie issue asking for advice. It happens. I treat them as if it is one of my puppies and do my best to give them any advice I can. feel welcome to call 509-365-3199 and ask for colleen if you have any question involving a puppy it doesn't even need to be a frenchie i will take it seriously and do my best to help. I love all dogs.

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