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I Would Like To Introduce My New Mama to Be

Missy was my Mother's dog and she gave her to me for my birthday.

I was really happy because I was trying to buy two females but because of the Coronavirus Shipping is impossible. Airlines will not ship them in Cargo and they only allow x amount of pets to be in coach so the chances of being able to take one in coach are slim. I was quite relieved to get Missy because She was in heat when she got here and ready to breed. The deed was done and now we can dare to hope we are going to get a litter of puppies, There are never any guarantees when breeding dogs.

Mocha was bred about two weeks ago so their litters will be born almost exactly two weeks apart. Mocha gave us a beautiful litter of three.late last year.there were two Merle and one White and Brindle Pied. pictured below is River She was the first Merle born at Frenchie Kisses kennel. I had waited to attempt breeding them until I did plenty of research. I had heard so many rumors about them not being healthy. I learned why there have been unhealthy ones in the past. Apparently you cannot breed Merle to Merle and that should for the most part cut out line breeding and inbreeding but it was not stopping people in competition to get in on it early. People wanted to breed them without knowing what they were doing. This brought about many defects and gave people the false impression that all Merle dog #French #Bulldogs had defects,eye problems and hearing disabilities. They do not, they can be just as healthy as any other #Frenchie if the breeder does their homework and breeds responsibly.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic sales have gone up. We sold what remained of our puppies and have had call after call from people wanting a #puppy to play with while we are all on lock down. I wanted to get a couple females and started looking for them locally only to find that not only was there nobody selling #dogs or #puppies to #breeders which is something we run into occasionally but there are also hardly any puppies for sale as #pets either. I finally found a really beautiful Sable Black Masked Fawn I am thinking to purchase. Keep your fingers crossed.

Update: I decided not to get the sable fawn at this time. She is beautiful, but with the instability of our Nation I think it is best to wait until the dust settles. Maybe in July.

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