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Hormones are on power boost at Frenchie Kisses Kennel

With a new litter, two girls just bred and one in heat and another just ready to start this is a crazy house. We have to keep not only our male separated from the girls but also the girls separated from each other. They want to tear each other up. It is like an office full of women all on the same cycle. I am just glad Mom has her two females that will be in heat also at her house because we have our hands full. The funny thing is that for some reason this has increase the snaor factor as well. I was lying in bed listening to my house snore out of sinct last night. all the dogs Mike and my son Michael. i am sure i joined the chorus when i fell asleep again.


This is our naughty girl telling someone to bring it. Buttercup is so sweet but boy is she a piece of work when she is hormonal. The other girls better not look at her wrong.

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