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Lenora's Jug

French Bulldogs are very entertaining dogs. A Frenchie Puppy will make a toy out of just about anything. When Frenchies play, it is Game on and the best player is the one with the toy. In this case an empty milk jug I had sat next to the trash can when I took the garbage out. Lenora, one of our beautiful French Bulldog Puppies was the little girl featured in this video, she is now an adult Frenchie living In Portland Oregon. We live in Washington about 1.5 hours away. People all over the Pacific Northwest and a few on the East Coast claim Our little clowns are the most beatiful Frenchies they have found. We aren't fancy but we do love our French Bulldogs and they are our constant companions. They live here in the house with us and make us laugh daily.

This video has entertained many of our adoptive families. Lenora was determined to keep that jug even though she was battling Frenchies four times her size. Though they are compact and a little on the heavy side they actually make wonderful Family pets. At play with other Frenchies they look like hurricanes but other than an occaional knock down they are awesome with children. They can be running around full speed acting insane but exposed to a baby and taught correct behavior they are very gentle.

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