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Hard work but so worth the effort

At Frenchie Kisses Kennel we don't just breed French Bulldogs. We turn our lives upside down every time we have a new litter. My bed becomes, Half my bed and half "The Nursury." I sleep curled up in a ball on one half of my twin mattress with a huge wooden box occupying the other half. For the first 1-2 weeks this is the arrangement. If I hear a squeak I wake up and make sure that the puppy or puppies is not being smothered by Momma, cold or is not stranded/rolled up in a blanket. Mike also checks on them regularly when he wakes up during the night. Between the two of us working as a team we monitor them on an around the clock basis. After the first 1.5 weeks our kitchen becomes the toddler room. We move our table and chairs and make room for "The Big Box". The big box is a 4' X 4' Wooden box. We fill the bottom with paper pellets For about two weeks and put a heat pad with blankets in it for the momma and her puppies to stay on. They puppies after about a week start to crawl off the blankets to go potty in the paper pellets. This is the first step to house training. Once the puppies reach 3.5 weeks of age we put in a litter pan with paper pellets and clean out the pellets that covered the floor of the box. The puppies have a few accidents but soon start to use the litter box . There is alot of cleaning up and redirecting of the puppies but when we turn them loose in the house at about 5 weeks old the automatically seek out the litter box that we place out on the floor. Of course once they figure out they have a whole house they can use for a potty box they regress and need to be reminded now and then. Usually by about 7 weeks they are near house trained but at 8 weeks when they go home and everything is different they regress again until they learn the new rules but at least they are aware of what is expected making house training much easier.

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