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Our Dogs


Here at Frenchie Kisses Kennel we are very proud of our beautiful Dams. They are consistently producing healthy puppies with excellent temperaments. Our adult girls have all shown us that they have what it takes to create just the puppy that will make your dreams come true. We have recently added some younger ones that have not yet had puppies but their potential has us very excited.


Frenchie Kisses Willow-Mina

Frenchie Kisses Ellie Mae

Frenchie Kisses Gucci Handbag

Frenchie Kisses Willow-Mina

Willie is a very even tempered sweet girl with a fun quirky personality. Her puppies have been beautiful and very healthy


Gucci is a real beauty with a very nice temperament. We expect nice puppies from her. She is a very nice size and has such a sweet face. Gucci has a straight tail so it looks longer than the typical Frenchie tail but she can actually wag.


Ellie has come a long way from the crazy girl she was when we first got her. She is a real sweetheart and is starting to interact with the puppies and is showing a lot of potential for being a great mommy.

Frenchie Kisses Paige Elizabeth

Lizzy was born and raised here at Frenchie Kisses Kennel .She is a very beautiful and sweet girl. She is an excellent Mama and loves to give kisses almost obsessively.



"Gibbs" AKC Special Agent Gibbs is a black masked blonde fawn French Bulldog. He is the ultimate dog. He learns very quickly and loves everyone but doesn't blindly trust strangers. He loves to be hugged and give kisses. Gibbs is like a living teddy bear. Gibbs has produced many gorgeous puppies over the last three years.
At this time we feel that having one sire/stud is sufficient. This way we can avoid having "Oops Puppies" and also avoid any fights that may arise among our dogs.

Boomer Locked and Loaded


has a very nice disposition and actually loves to care for his puppies. He is playful and very comical and tends to pass his unique personality on to his puppies

" Boomer"

Talk about you mellow cuddle bug. This guy will snuggle for hours. His puppies tend to be very sweet and cuddly

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