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Frenchie Kisses Network


As a courtesy to our new adoptive puppy parents, we have created a private network just for them! It gives Frenchie Kisses Kennel and Badgercrest Kennel the opportunity to guide and advise new puppy owners through the adjustment of the different puppy stages. Each member of our network has their own page to decorate and receive comments from other members, somewhat like a "Puppy Facebook." We also have a forum where we have compiled information that will be constantly added to. Members may also start and maintain their own topics.


Having this network offers our puppies families a way to stay in touch with families of their puppy's siblings to compare notes. They can also contact us very easily with questions. All of our new litters will be announced only on our network. We do not sell publicly. To get on our waiting list, we require that you fill out an application and be approved in order to join the network.


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