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Looking Out For You And Scooby Too

Human Treats

With Covid-19 aka Coronavirus teaching us to be careful, Shopping online can be so much safer. I thought it might be helpful to find some better ways to do the things we need to do without exposing ourselves and others to not only this Virus but also the common Flu since it too kills many people worldwide each year. I thought maybe adding some links to Dog Foods and People Food that can be ordered fresh online to our site might prove to be a valuable resource for many people I truly care about, my Frenchie Family. Many people may begin to feel more comfortable with eating fresh food in their own home made with their own hands than going out to a restaurant where strangers prepare your food and you have no idea what is done to it before it reaches your table. I have found that cooking delicious fresh food at home is fun and the whole family enjoys cooking and eating it.


We ordered from a company called Blue Apron that puts together four complete meal selections along with the recipes and instructions each week. The ingredients are cold delivered packed to your front door. The vegetables are fresh and crisp with no blemishes. The meat if there is any is sealed and carefully packaged to stay as cold as possible. There are small packages of whatever dressings, spices and seasonings the recipes require. All you need to do is unpack them and select the ingredients for the meal and follow the instructions. You are allowed to select your meals for each week. They offer vegetarian selections as well. 

I feel that this way of shopping would be much safer knowing that the food can be washed in your own kitchen and prepared fresh by your own hands and it is delicious. Of course everyone's taste buds are different so you may not find a dish to your liking now and then just as you would if you ordered in a restaurant or even got a recipe off the internet and cooked it. They use ingredients from all over the world. Trying something new is a big part of the fun and it can make the most novice cook feel like a Gourmet Chef.

I will be featuring several of these types of food services here for you to try. 

Doggy Treats


Now Let's talk about online Dog Food. It too can be shipped right to your door Canned, Kibble or Raw. It can be scheduled to repeat as often as you would like. Since I have your dog's best interest at heart I will check reviews before posting to my site and if I try a brand on my dogs I will give my opinion. After all they deserve the best from us because they devote their lives to making us laugh and for some of us a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I will look for food fitting for a Frenchie. They are just furry little people. If it is good enough for a Frenchie any dog will thrive on it. It is not because they are finicky eaters, they will literally eat almost anything as many of my buyers and followers can attest to. The issue is that as tough as these little dogs look they have very sensitive digestive tracts that require their people to search out excellent ingredients and smooth surfaced Kibble to aid   digestion. 

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