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Here at Frenchie Kisses Kennel our process is thorough  We take into consideration what we would want if we were buying a companion puppy from a reputable Breeder.  Different things matter to different people. Some really like that I offer training, not typical Breeder training. I am a professional trainer and have natural abilities as well. I start the puppies on sensory stimulation from birth, to bond with the puppies and gain their trust. This is the foundation of early puppy training. Their first verbal command is "Give Kisses," this plays a part at a crucial point as the puppy begins to explore the world with his or her mouth. At about 3.5 weeks training truly begins. My train of thought is that if they can stand, they can sit and lie down. I train the behaviors as quickly as the dog is capable of learning. There is a reason for this. Typically puppies have short attention spans, so they get bored easily. Many trainers are so afraid of confusing the puppy that they stick to teaching only one behavior at a time. With that method puppies get bored and shut down, which causes the trainer to get frustrated and irritated because (let's face it) this is an instant gratification world. Training takes time so teaching a couple behaviors at a time makes training more fun.

We also handle every puppy daily. They get their first full bath at about 3 weeks. If schedules permit I like to do a zoom meeting with the future puppy parents so they get to see the puppies initial reaction to it's first bathing experience. I can 't promise this will happen but you are welcome to remind me. I love interacting with my Frenchie Family. Since I am also working for Petco now, there are times I am just exhausted. Not that they work me hard, I choose to push myself. I want to give them more than they expect when I can. I give my heart and soul to the running of my business. I figure that is the goal of a business so I want to make sure I am giving Petco the same energy. I have never worked in a place I love more.


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We offer so much that you can't find with most breeders. We offer a 2 year Gaurantee on common debilitatimg genetic issues. Most offer only one year because they know that most genetic issues do not rear their ugly heads until the second year. We want to make sure your puppy is rock solid before "cutting you loose" Honestly we never cut you loose. I am personally here for the life of your puppy for support and reassurance. If something happens at 3am and you are panicked needing advise I will wakeup  and do whatever I can to assist you. 

What can we do for you?

I am willing to do special requests if it is within my power to do so. If you need training cues in another language send me an Audio pronunciation clip and I will make it happen. I have done it before. Don't be afraid to ask. I understand that we all have ideal images in our heads of what we want our puppy to be like

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