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Deposit Information


To reserve your puppy until it is old enough to go to it's forever home you must pay a non-refundable (unless the puppy is found to be ill or should die while still in our care) deposit of $400.00. Puppies are usually reserved within two days of birth and we expect deposits to be paid within the following week of the puppy being chosen. If something goes wrong on our end of the deal such as the death of a puppy or it is found to be ill, your deposit will be refunded or you may choose another puppy or even wait for another litter. We do not accept deposits on a puppy from an unborn litter. However, we will add you to our waiting list and contact you via the network as soon as we breed so that you can anticipate your baby.


We do not accept personal checks.


We require a Cashier's check, or cash if paying in person.


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