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 Hi, I am Colleen. 

My Son, Daughter in Law and their two young sons live with me and help me with my breeding program. As of 2021, I think I can call this a bit more than an expensive hobby. With their help we are finally expanding. It has been a labor of love more than an occupation, but I have truly loved it from the start. 



Frenchie Kisses Kennel has been an on going project for about 11 years now. We got our first Frenchie puppies the Summer of 2009. However for first few years we encounter many setbacks and road blocks that made this an expensive hobby throughout the building of this business and finally the year prior to the onset of Covid I had one year that felt like I was getting a foot hold. Then Covid hit and it has been a down hill run. I refuse to give up but am finally admitting that while outwardly it looks like reproducing these little gems is a cash cow the reality is that they are difficult to breed and costly in upkeep; The thing that keeps me going is my love of the breed and the really wonderful customers they attract. I love my Customers as much as I love my Frenchies. Even though I am at absolute  rock bottom as of 2022 I will continue breeding as a hobby because frankly the money is not what drives me. Though it helps to keep vets paid and give them excellent health care.


About 15 years ago I was in a waiting room at Urgent Care, picked up a magazine and instantly fell in love. On the cover of the magazine was the cutest animal I had ever seen. I was not even sure what it was but I knew I wanted one. That was my first time ever seeing a French Bulldog. I quickly turned to the page to read up on them so that I could guess about how many years I would likely have to prepare and save money to obtain this little dream puppy. The news was not good and I actually sat in that waiting room and cried. The article said the typical French Bulldog at that time was selling for $4,000. I knew it was very unlikely that I would ever have my dream dog because that was ridiculously out of my price range (I thought, forever.)


In 2009, however, my dream of having a French Bulldog came true. My mother was given a pair of French  Bulldogs as a trade for a Chihuahua breeding fee. When her Frenchie Dam was ready to whelp I went to assist her. The Dam gave birth to 6 healthy babies and then settled down to nurse them. Since it was 10:30pm I decided it was time to go home. The next morning about 8:00am my mother pulled into our driveway. I thought something was wrong because she normally calls if she is coming over. I went out to see if everything was okay. Mom opened the door and said, "Last night after you left Abby had another puppy and we only need six. Here, this is for you.” Then she handed me a pink wash cloth. As I took it, it started to squirm and I felt warmth. I opened it up and there was a tiny French Bulldog. She was a beautiful little Brindle baby.  I was so happy I started sobbing. I was looking at her little feet and Mom said, “Look, it looks like her toes were dipped in Sugar.” I named her on the spot. ‘Sweet Sugar Toes,' we call her Sugar. Of course, mom took her home for 8 weeks but since we live so close we would go get her and bring her down often to play.  That was the beginning of something big!


 I now run a very small breeding program out of our home where all of our dogs and puppies get endless love and attention. We first breed for health, then temperament and looks. I have done countless hours of research on French Bulldogs and consider myself an expert in the field. What you'll get from us is not only a healthy, happy pup, but we also pass along important knowledge and advice that I have acquired over many years of loving these sweet frog dogs. Oh, and in case you are wondering, our prices are a lot more afforable than the prices we are seeing now of 6,000 to 8,000. We offer an affordable, price for our Frenchie families which also come with a 2 year warranty against any debilitating hereditary defects, which the majority of other kennels presently do not offer. We also offer regular updates and encourage visitation once your puppy arrives. We want to share and enjoy all of these moments with you!


The photos below are the beginnings of my life as a breeder.  I will always love these two beautiful dogs way beyond their years. As of  August 2022 the female has crossed rainbow bridge after a nice retirement in her forever home. Since the woman who promised updates on the male does not update me,  Gibbs will live forever in my mind. Sweet Sugar will live on in my heart. I cry every time I see photos of them. My baby bugs, Sweet SugarToes and Special Agent Gibbs

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